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 vikings.headliner.org : automatically the latest news
15-08-19 (15:06)   Offseason Zim: Vikings coach finds solace on his sprawling ranch (ESPN.com)
11-08-19 (20:51)   Ravens trade kicker Vedvik to Vikings for pick (ESPN.com)
11-08-19 (20:37)   Source: Ravens trade kicker Vedvik to Vikings (ESPN.com)
09-08-19 (19:23)   Wu Assassins Sure Feels Like What Iron Fist Could Have Been (Gizmodo)
02-08-19 (08:09)   Year 3 Season 3 of For Honor launches as the Jormungandr join the Vikings (TheXboxHub)
17-07-19 (20:18)   New archaeological layer discovered at L'Anse aux Meadows (Ars Technica)
15-07-19 (22:14)   How Assassin's Creed Vikings Could Bring the Franchise Full Circle (IGN.com)
15-07-19 (21:50)   Were the Vikings Smoking Pot While Exploring Newfoundland? (Live Science)
13-07-19 (03:10)   Vinland Saga is the vikings-themed anime you didn't know you needed (Polygon)
21-06-19 (16:28)   Vikings' Alex Høgh Andersen Turned Ivar's Pain Into Art and for That He Needs an Emmy Nomination (TVGuide.com)
12-06-19 (13:24)   Peter Stormare to Direct, Star in 'American Runestone' Series on the Vikings in America (Variety)
15-05-19 (19:04)   Cannes: Saban Films Nabs Travis Fimmel Vietnam War Film 'Danger Close' (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter)
08-05-19 (03:57)   See a Very Un-Vikings Clive Standen in NBC's Council of Dads First Photos (TVGuide.com)
08-05-19 (03:41)   NBC Orders 'Council of Dads' to Series (Variety)
07-05-19 (12:58)   Those Assassin's Creed Ragnarok screenshots are fake, but the other details have us thirsting for Vikings (GamesRadar)
10-04-19 (01:14)   Are You Ready for Assassin's Creed Vikings? (IGN.com)
09-04-19 (12:56)   PS5 and Next Xbox Launch to Have Assassin's Creed With Vikings: Report (Gadgets 360)
05-04-19 (23:01)   Assassin's Creed Vikings Setting Rumours Further Solidified By New Report (GamingBolt)
05-04-19 (22:08)   The next Assassin's Creed game may be about Vikings (PC Gamer)
05-04-19 (21:37)   Next Assassin's Creed Game Will Seemingly Involve Vikings as Seen from Poster in The Division 2 (DualShockers)
05-04-19 (21:05)   Report: Next Assassin's Creed Will Center Around Vikings (GameInformer.com)
05-04-19 (20:14)   The Division 2 Easter Egg May Tease a Vikings Assassin's Creed (IGN.com)
05-04-19 (20:12)   The next Assassin's Creed could star Vikings, and The Division 2 is teasing it (Digital Trends)
05-04-19 (18:43)   Odd Tease In The Division 2 Spills The Beans On The Next Assassin's Creed (Kotaku)
02-04-19 (16:25)   Watch a monster murder vikings in this impressive first look at Darkborn (PC Gamer)
23-03-19 (10:40)   Void Vikings Review (TheXboxHub)
08-03-19 (18:42)   Exclusive: 'Finding Steve McQueen' Clip Teaches Travis Fimmel a Tough Lesson (Collider)
31-01-19 (22:24)   With Netflix's Polar, Katheryn Winnick goes from viking to assassin (Syfy Wire)
31-01-19 (18:53)   Vikings creator Michael Hirst on the Season 5B Finale and what Season 6A holds for Ragnar's family (Syfy Wire)
31-01-19 (16:11)   Hey History, Here Are 6 Free Ideas for the Vikings Spin-Off (TVGuide.com)
31-01-19 (12:57)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 20 (TV Fanatic)
31-01-19 (04:42)   Vikings Boss Teases What to Expect in the Final Season (TVGuide.com)
31-01-19 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 20 Review: Ragnarok (TV Fanatic)
30-01-19 (19:55)   Vikings Season 5 Finale: Ivar Prepares For War With His Brothers In Sneak Peek Video (GameSpot)
30-01-19 (19:41)   Vikings - 'Ivar Against Everyone' Season Five Finale 'Ragnarok' Clip (GameSpot)
29-01-19 (20:57)   Ivar Is Out for Bjorn's Blood in This Exclusive Vikings Finale Sneak Peek (TVGuide.com)
25-01-19 (21:30)   Exactly How Accurate is the Show Vikings? (TVOvermind)
24-01-19 (12:12)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 19 (TV Fanatic)
24-01-19 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 19 Review: What Happens in the Cave (TV Fanatic)
17-01-19 (14:21)   Did the Vikings Think the Gods Were Watching Them? (Live Science)
17-01-19 (11:57)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 18 (TV Fanatic)
17-01-19 (04:42)   Vikings Just Revealed Where Lagertha Has Been, and It Is Seriously Bleak (TVGuide.com)
17-01-19 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 18 Review: Baldur (TV Fanatic)
15-01-19 (18:28)   Lagertha Is Unrecognizable in This Exclusive First Look at Her Vikings Return (TVGuide.com)
14-01-19 (19:26)   "America's Lost Vikings" - New Science Channel Series Premieres February 10 (The Futon Critic)
13-01-19 (18:16)   How the Show "Vikings" Has Changed Since Its First Season (TVOvermind)
11-01-19 (08:54)   Destroy your student loans with Void Vikings on Xbox One (TheXboxHub)
11-01-19 (06:20)   Void Vikings Is Now Available For Xbox One (Major Nelson)
10-01-19 (11:57)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 17 (TV Fanatic)
10-01-19 (05:07)   Development: Ridley Scott set to direct Travis Fimmel in Raised By Wolves; CBS orders Evil pilot; Captain Marvel pre-sales soar (Syfy Wire)
10-01-19 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 17 Review: The Most Terrible Thing (TV Fanatic)
10-01-19 (02:28)   Travis Fimmel Is the Ultimate Daddy in First Post-Vikings Role (TVGuide.com)
07-01-19 (20:53)   Mads Mikkelsen lets his finger bullets fly in Netflix's first trailer for comic adaptation Polar (Syfy Wire)
04-01-19 (22:00)   Vikings Season 6 Will Be Its Last on History (IGN.com)
04-01-19 (21:42)   'Vikings' to End with Season 6, but a Follow-Up Series Is in Consideration (Collider)
04-01-19 (20:07)   VIKINGS Will End After Season 6, But a Spin-off Is in the Works! (Nerdist)
04-01-19 (19:12)   Vikings Ending After Six Seasons on History (TV Fanatic)
04-01-19 (19:10)   History's Vikings Ending After Season 6, But A Spin-Off Could Happen (GameSpot)
04-01-19 (18:57)   Vikings to End After Season 6, but Follow-Up Series Already in the Works (TVGuide.com)
03-01-19 (12:12)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 16 (TV Fanatic)
03-01-19 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 16 Review: The Buddha (TV Fanatic)
01-01-19 (20:24)   Vikings Creator On Why That Massive Season 5 Death Was "A Surprise" (GameSpot)
27-12-18 (12:12)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 15 (TV Fanatic)
27-12-18 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 15 Review: Hell (TV Fanatic)
27-12-18 (04:11)   Vikings: Who Survived the Battle - and Who Didn't? (TVGuide.com)
27-12-18 (04:10)   Vikings Creator: That Massive Season 5 Death Was "A Surprise" (GameSpot)
20-12-18 (11:43)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 14 (TV Fanatic)
20-12-18 (04:28)   Vikings' Latest Death Signals the True End of an Era (TVGuide.com)
20-12-18 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 14 Review: The Lost Moment (TV Fanatic)
17-12-18 (16:38)   TV THIS WEEK: Timeless' series finale, new Vikings, new Van Helsing and more (Syfy Wire)
14-12-18 (19:24)   Michael Hirst on the big beats (so far) of Vikings Season 5B (Syfy Wire)
13-12-18 (12:12)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 13 (TV Fanatic)
13-12-18 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 13 Review: A New God (TV Fanatic)
12-12-18 (03:24)   Exclusive Vikings clip: Bishop Heahmund turns to Lagertha for help (Syfy Wire)
11-12-18 (21:28)   Exclusive Vikings Sneak Peek: Will Ivar Kill Hvitserk Next? (TVGuide.com)
06-12-18 (12:12)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 12 (TV Fanatic)
06-12-18 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 12 Review: Murder Most Foul (TV Fanatic)
03-12-18 (21:11)   Vikings Exclusive Sneak Peek: Ivar Introduces His New Queen (TVGuide.com)
03-12-18 (20:38)   Tom Brady Loved Watching Bill Belichick Tell Vikings Star To 'Shut The F*ck Up!' (TMZ.com)
29-11-18 (11:57)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 11 (TV Fanatic)
29-11-18 (04:42)   The Vikings Premiere Basically Confirmed a MAJOR Fan Theory About Rollo (TVGuide.com)
29-11-18 (04:14)   Vikings Midseason Premiere Review (IGN.com)
29-11-18 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 11 Review: The Revelation (TV Fanatic)
29-11-18 (00:07)   Vikings creator Michael Hirst teases lots of change in Season 5B: There's 'constant dynamism' (Syfy Wire)
28-11-18 (20:41)   Vikings Creator Previews Ivar's Descent Into Madness In Season 5B (GameSpot)
27-11-18 (23:41)   Vikings: WWE's Adam "Edge" Copeland Reveals "Scary" Turn For Season 5 (GameSpot)
27-11-18 (16:11)   Vikings Poll: Who Will Be the Next to Die? (TVGuide.com)
26-11-18 (16:11)   Vikings Exclusive: Lagertha Stands Her Ground in This Tense Sneak Peek (TVGuide.com)
23-11-18 (20:10)   Vikings: WWE's Adam "Edge" Copeland Talks "Scary" Turn For Season 5 (GameSpot)
20-11-18 (16:11)   8 Things to Know About Vikings' Game-Changing Return (TVGuide.com)
15-11-18 (16:12)   Vikings Photo Preview: Rollo's Back! (TV Fanatic)
06-11-18 (05:53)   Vikings: Duke Rollo makes his triumphant return in exclusive clip from mid-Season 5 premiere (Syfy Wire)
30-10-18 (21:38)   Kirk Cousins Tells Teddy Bridgewater How Vikings REALLY Feel About Him (TMZ.com)
26-10-18 (18:23)   How Industrial-Scale Tar Production Powered the Viking Age (Gizmodo)
25-10-18 (17:42)   New Trailer for 'How to Train Your Dragon 3' Finds Dragons and Vikings in Peril (Collider)
16-10-18 (15:40)   Ancient Viking Ship Found Buried Next to Busy Norwegian Freeway (Gizmodo)
13-10-18 (04:16)   10 Things You Didn't Know about Clive Standen (TVOvermind)
04-10-18 (01:38)   Mike Singletary Says Bears Are Better Than Packers & Vikings, They Can Win The North! (TMZ.com)
03-10-18 (19:07)   Noah Syndergaard Takes Razor to Legendary Hair for 'Vikings' Role (TMZ.com)
03-10-18 (18:55)   NY Mets Pitcher Noah Syndergaard Set to Guest Star in Season Six of History's Hit Drama Series "Vikings" (The Futon Critic)
29-09-18 (02:40)   Vikings-Rams on "Thursday Night Football" Draws Combined Viewership of 15.1 Million Viewers Across All Platforms (The Futon Critic)
28-09-18 (17:24)   Rams vs. Vikings Fan Brawl, Man Flung Over Bleachers! (TMZ.com)
04-09-18 (15:32)   High Fives: From Vikings to Pearls and Everything in Between (Sherdog.com)
08-08-18 (01:24)   Richie Incognito to Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer, 'You're a F***ing Liar' (TMZ.com)
01-08-18 (15:53)   Conor McGregor Bailed On 'Vikings' Show Hours Before Shoot, Says Katheryn Winnick (TMZ.com)
22-07-18 (02:55)   SDCC 2018: Vikings Season 5B Trailer Shows A Bloody War Between Ivar And Lagertha (GameSpot)
20-07-18 (23:28)   Here's Everything We Learned About Rollo's Return to Vikings (TVGuide.com)
20-07-18 (22:38)   Lagertha goes gray and brothers at war as HISTORY drops Vikings midseason trailer and premiere date (Syfy Wire)
20-07-18 (22:12)   Vikings Mid-Season Premiere Date & Trailer: Bloodier Than Ever & A Surprise Return (TV Fanatic)
20-07-18 (21:55)   History's Hit Drama Series "Vikings" Returns with Mid-Season Five Premiere on November 28 (The Futon Critic)
20-07-18 (21:42)   It's Ivar Vs Everyone in the Vikings Mid-Season Trailer (TVGuide.com)
20-07-18 (21:41)   Vikings - Mid-Season 5 Official Comic-Con Trailer | SDCC 2018 (GameSpot)
20-07-18 (21:41)   Comic-Con 2018: Vikings Season 5B Trailer Pits Ivar Vs. The World (GameSpot)
12-07-18 (11:49)   Northgard creators swap vikings for zombies with top-down Darksburg (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
04-07-18 (03:36)   Vince McMahon Once Considered Purchasing the Minnesota Vikings (Comicbook.com)
16-05-18 (17:14)   Vikings Will Host LGBTQ Summit As Part of Chris Kluwe Settlement (Breitbart.com)
22-04-18 (21:07)   Check Out This Bladesmith's Unique Way of Understanding Viking History (Nerdist)
18-04-18 (19:28)   Does Vikings Have the Sexiest Cast on TV? An Analysis (TVGuide.com)
16-04-18 (17:41)   New To Stream On Amazon Prime Video In April: Vikings, Friday The 13th, And More Movies And TV Shows (GameSpot)
12-04-18 (23:00)   Super League: Widnes Vikings 20-39 Hull FC (BBC News)
11-04-18 (16:46)   'Brooklyn' And 'Vikings' Backer Irish Film Board Gets $250m Funding Commitment (Deadline.com)
06-04-18 (19:18)   Mysterious sunstones in medieval Viking texts could really have worked (Ars Technica)
06-04-18 (16:24)   New For Amazon Prime Video In April: Vikings, Friday The 13th, And More Movies And TV Shows (GameSpot)
04-04-18 (12:24)   George Blagden on 'Versailles' Season 3, Louis XIV's 'Extraordinary' Madame de Maintenon (Variety)
02-04-18 (18:22)   Super League: Widnes Vikings 6-28 St Helens (BBC News)
02-04-18 (16:24)   New To Amazon Prime Video In April: Vikings, Friday The 13th, And More Movies And TV Shows (GameSpot)
29-03-18 (08:40)   Vikings a Perfect Fit for Xbox One and the Games Industry (TheXboxHub)
25-03-18 (22:34)   Hands On With Human Head's Hack-N-Slash Viking Adventure (GameInformer.com)
15-03-18 (16:41)   New On Amazon Prime Video In April: Vikings, Friday The 13th, And More Movies And TV Shows (GameSpot)
13-03-18 (18:25)   The Vikings are reportedly scooping up the NFL's best free agent with an unprecedented contract (Business Insider)
06-03-18 (22:25)   There's growing buzz that the Vikings are all-in on the Kirk Cousins race (Business Insider)
01-03-18 (15:42)   Vikings Mega Buzz: Why Lagertha Will "Never Be the Same" (TVGuide.com)
23-02-18 (20:03)   Vanessa Hudgens, Katheryn Winnick & Matt Lucas Join Mads Mikkelsen In The Action-Thriller 'Polar' (Deadline.com)
16-02-18 (23:43)   Super League: Widnes Vikings 10-18 Warrington Wolves (BBC News)
13-02-18 (22:46)   'Taken' Series Star Clive Standen Set As Co-Lead In The Indie Thriller 'Vault' (Deadline.com)
13-02-18 (16:45)   Martin Scorsese and the Creator of 'Vikings' Are Working on a 'Caesars' TV Series (ScreenCrush)
13-02-18 (16:04)   Martin Scorsese Teams Up With 'Vikings' Writer for 'The Caesars' TV Series (SlashFilm)
12-02-18 (20:00)   Vikings Creator, Martin Scorsese Making Ancient Rome TV Series (IGN.com)
11-02-18 (20:59)   Martin Scorsese Set to Team with 'Vikings' Writer for 'The Caesars' (Collider)
08-02-18 (19:25)   Betrayal, rebellion, and too many Vikings in Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia (PC Gamer)
07-02-18 (02:03)   'Vikings' Casts Eric Johnson; Joseph Quinn Joins 'Les Misérables' (Deadline.com)
05-02-18 (02:11)   Ram struts Super Bowl ad stuff with Vikings - Roadshow (C-Net News.com)
04-02-18 (18:07)   Super League: Widnes Vikings 40-12 Catalans Dragons (BBC News)
26-01-18 (23:13)   Clive Standen on Season 2 of 'Taken' and the Team's Evolving Dynamics (Collider)
26-01-18 (13:45)   Vikings QB Case Keenum Says Friends Had to Protect His Family from Eagles Fans (Breitbart.com)
25-01-18 (12:26)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 10 (TV Fanatic)
25-01-18 (04:14)   Vikings Creator on the Return of THAT Character and the Fate of Lagertha (IGN.com)
25-01-18 (04:14)   Vikings Midseason Finale Review (IGN.com)
25-01-18 (04:13)   POLL : What did you think of Vikings - Moments of Vision? (Spoiler TV)
25-01-18 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Moments of Vision (TV Fanatic)
25-01-18 (04:11)   Vikings Creator on Floki's Deadly Offer, Lagertha's Tragic Fate (TVGuide.com)
25-01-18 (04:08)   Vikings creator Michael Hirst on the moment Lagertha 'starts to break' (EW.com)
25-01-18 (01:08)   Rune: Ragnarok trailer showcases vikings, dragons, and a gigantic puppy (PC Gamer)
24-01-18 (18:07)   VIKINGS Midseason Finale Clip Shows Ivar Waging War on Lagertha (Exclusive) (Nerdist)
24-01-18 (18:07)   EXCLUSIVE: Lagertha prepares for war in clips from this week's Vikings midseason finale (Syfy Wire)
24-01-18 (13:18)   Climate change melting pre-Viking artifacts out of Norway's glaciers (Ars Technica)
23-01-18 (17:28)   Vikings' Katheryn Winnick Says Lagertha Is Ready to Die (TVGuide.com)
22-01-18 (20:08)   Nick Foles was literally perfect in the second half of the Eagles' rout of the Vikings (Business Insider)
22-01-18 (19:45)   Ratings Crash for Vikings-Eagles NFC Championship Game, Jags-Pats Earn Lowest Early Game Rating Since 2013 (Breitbart.com)
22-01-18 (17:07)   Eagles Locker Room Turnt Up After They Punished The Vikings (TMZ.com)
22-01-18 (16:45)   Foles, Eagles Fly Into Super Bowl, Rout Vikings 38-7 (Breitbart.com)
22-01-18 (05:11)   Memes fly like Eagles as Philly pecks apart the Vikings - CNET (C-Net News.com)
22-01-18 (04:25)   Eagles rout the Vikings to earn a trip to the Super Bowl (Business Insider)
22-01-18 (03:46)   Philadelphia Eagles Demolish Minnesota Vikings 38-7 In NFC Championship (Deadline.com)
22-01-18 (03:39)   Eagles players and fans mocked the Vikings' 'Skol' chant during NFC Championship game blowout (Business Insider)
22-01-18 (02:45)   WATCH: Unruly Eagles Fans Throw Bottles and Beer Cans at Vikings Fans (Breitbart.com)
21-01-18 (09:38)   Vikings vs. Eagles: The Hottest WAGS of the NFC Championship Game (TMZ.com)
20-01-18 (09:38)   Adrian Peterson Gives Pump Up Message to Vikings, 'No Regrets!' (TMZ.com)
19-01-18 (21:57)   How to watch Eagles vs. Vikings online - CNET (C-Net News.com)
19-01-18 (18:38)   Kevin Hart Hilariously Says Why Eagles Will Crush Vikings (TMZ.com)
19-01-18 (09:13)   Vikings - Episode 5.10 - Moments of Vision (Mid-Season Finale) - Promos, Promotional Photos & Synopsis (Spoiler TV)
18-01-18 (22:24)   Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar Is Hardcore Vikings Fan, 'I Was at the Game!' (TMZ.com)
18-01-18 (14:26)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 9 (TV Fanatic)
18-01-18 (12:13)   USD POLL : Who is your favorite son of Ragnar in Vikings? (Spoiler TV)
18-01-18 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 9 Review: A Simple Story (TV Fanatic)
18-01-18 (04:11)   Vikings Creator: Why Lagertha's New Relationship Spells Trouble (TVGuide.com)
16-01-18 (17:42)   Vikings Exclusive: Is Love in the Air for Lagertha and Heahmund? (TVGuide.com)
15-01-18 (23:39)   Here's how newspapers in Minnesota and Louisiana reacted to the Vikings miracle win (Business Insider)
15-01-18 (19:03)   Vikings' Last-Second Victory Scores Big Ratings Win For Fox; 'Wisdom' Ends Even (Deadline.com)
15-01-18 (18:54)   The best videos of fans celebrating the Vikings' miraculous game-winning touchdown in the playoffs (Business Insider)
15-01-18 (18:26)   Vikings Minnesota Miracle was sweetened by social media - CNET (C-Net News.com)
15-01-18 (18:03)   Ratings: Wisdom of the Crowd Finishes Flat, Vikings/Saints Boosts Fox Slate (TVLine)
15-01-18 (12:14)   NFL: 'The Minnesota Miracle' - watch the Vikings' incredible last-gasp win (BBC News)
15-01-18 (04:08)   The Vikings' miracle touchdown was made possible when a Saints defender played the pass in the worst way possible (Business Insider)
15-01-18 (03:25)   'Damn, that s--- felt good!': The hero of the Vikings-Saints game was in disbelief after his game-winning, miracle touchdown (Business Insider)
15-01-18 (03:25)   It took the Vikings 8 minutes to run a meaningless play after their playoff game was decided ? but gamblers rejoiced (Business Insider)
15-01-18 (03:08)   Case Keenum had a great reaction after throwing the miracle pass that sent the Vikings to the NFC Championship (Business Insider)
15-01-18 (03:07)   Minnesota Vikings' Crazy Playoff Ending Screws with Gamblers (TMZ.com)
15-01-18 (02:39)   The Vikings pulled off a miracle win over the Saints with a last-second 61-yard touchdown pass (Business Insider)
13-01-18 (16:27)   Vikings - Episode 5.09 - A Simple Story - Promos, Promotional Photos & Synopsis (Spoiler TV)
12-01-18 (18:38)   Vikings vs. Saints: Fire Departments Place Bet on NFL Playoff Game (TMZ.com)
11-01-18 (17:39)   Vikings breakout quarterback Case Keenum learned the team's offense 2 years faster than normal by taking thousands of reps on VR (Business Insider)
11-01-18 (12:26)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 8 (TV Fanatic)
11-01-18 (04:28)   Vikings Star Reveals Ivar's Next Move After That Crippling Defeat (TVGuide.com)
11-01-18 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 8 Review: The Joke (TV Fanatic)
10-01-18 (23:08)   Vikings channels the Time's Up movement in new promo (EW.com)
08-01-18 (22:14)   Kato Ottio: Widnes Vikings & Papua New Guinea centre, 23, dies (BBC News)
05-01-18 (22:25)   Bad North is a strategy roguelike with vikings and 'charming brutality' (PC Gamer)
05-01-18 (16:27)   Vikings - Episode 5.08 - The Joke - Promo, Promotional Photos & Synopsis (Spoiler TV)
04-01-18 (19:24)   Is a Vikings invasion coming? A+E network strikes deal to stream shows on Yahoo, AOL (Syfy Wire)
04-01-18 (12:26)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 7 (TV Fanatic)
04-01-18 (04:42)   Vikings Creator Breaks Down That Emotional Return (TVGuide.com)
04-01-18 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Full Moon (TV Fanatic)
04-01-18 (02:53)   Vikings and more A+E Network shows to stream on Yahoo, AOL (Syfy Wire)
04-01-18 (02:36)   The key to beating Kamaru Usman? A bunch of crazy f*cking vikings, Emil Meek says (MMAjunkie.com)
03-01-18 (19:24)   Vikings and more A+E Network shows to stream free on Yahoo, AOL (Syfy Wire)
03-01-18 (17:11)   Vikings Mega Buzz: Rollo's Return Changes Everything! (TVGuide.com)
03-01-18 (11:09)   Spiritual Successor To The Lost Vikings Coming To Switch This Year (Nintendo Life)
31-12-17 (22:06)   Vikings Playoff Schedule & Potential Opponents (Heavy.com)
28-12-17 (22:44)   Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Wednesday 27th December 2017 (Spoiler TV)
28-12-17 (12:26)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 6 (TV Fanatic)
28-12-17 (04:44)   Vikings - Episode 5.07 - Full Moon - Promo & Synopsis (Spoiler TV)
28-12-17 (04:13)   POLL : What did you think of Vikings - The Message? (Spoiler TV)
28-12-17 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 6 Review: The Message (TV Fanatic)
27-12-17 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 27th December 2017 (Spoiler TV)
23-12-17 (22:37)   Vikings vs Packers Live Stream: How to Watch NBC Without Cable (Heavy.com)
21-12-17 (22:44)   Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Wednesday 20th December 2017 (Spoiler TV)
21-12-17 (12:12)   Watch Vikings Online: Season 5 Episode 5 (TV Fanatic)
21-12-17 (04:44)   Vikings - Episode 5.06 - The Message - Promo & Synopsis (Spoiler TV)
21-12-17 (04:13)   POLL : What did you think of Vikings - The Prisoner? (Spoiler TV)
21-12-17 (04:12)   Vikings Season 5 Episode 5 Review: The Prisoner (TV Fanatic)
20-12-17 (17:46)   'Vikings' Creator Michael Hirst Launches Production Company, Sets Up 'Ronin' Remake At MGM (Deadline.com)
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11-08-17 (09:31)   Westworld Spoilers: Gustaf Skarsgard, Fares Fares join season 2 as series regulars (Spoilers Guide)
11-08-17 (02:04)   'Westworld' Season 2 Cast Adds Actors From 'Get Out', 'Vikings', and 'Tyrant' (SlashFilm)
10-08-17 (23:59)   Westworld Season 2 Just Added A Vikings Star And More (Cinemabled)
10-08-17 (15:25)   Westworld Season 2 Adds Vikings' Gustaf Skarsgård (Screen Rant)
10-08-17 (15:14)   Vikings: War of Clans developer Plarium snapped up for $500M (Gamasutra)
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10-08-17 (03:22)   Westworld adds three more to season 2 cast, including Vikings star (EW.com)
10-08-17 (02:45)   'Westworld' Season 2 Adds a 'Vikings' Favorite and More (ScreenCrush)
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10-08-17 (01:33)   'Westworld': 'Vikings' Star Among Trio Joining Season 2 (Hollywood Reporter)
10-08-17 (01:20)   Vikings' Gustaf Skarsgård Joins Westworld Season 2 as Series Regular (TVLine)
10-08-17 (01:17)   'Westworld': Gustaf Skarsgård & Fares Fares Cast As Regulars For Season 2, Betty Gabriel To Recur In HBO Series (Deadline.com)
07-08-17 (22:08)   Vikings star Katheryn Winnick dishes on her Dark Tower costars (EW.com)
07-08-17 (21:18)   1,000-year-old German dinner reveals long-distance Viking trade routes (Ars Technica)
06-08-17 (16:01)   We know Vikings as infamous raiders?was that merely a response to climate change? (Ars Technica)
24-07-17 (05:16)   5 Reasons We're Pumped for Vikings Season 5 (TVOvermind)
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23-07-17 (00:04)   Comic-Con: 'Vikings' Brings a Fiery Funeral to San Diego (Hollywood Reporter)
22-07-17 (18:45)   Sons of Ragnar Face Civil War in 'Vikings' Season 5 Comic-Con Trailer (ScreenCrush)

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